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What are the advantages of vacuum-packed cooked microwave sterilizers?

2019-05-09 12:57:06
What are the advantages of vacuum-packed cooked microwave sterilizers?

Vacuum packaging is to take out all the air in the packaging container and seal it to maintain a high decompression state in the bag. The air is rare, which is equivalent to the low oxygen effect, so that the microorganisms have no living conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh fruit and no disease rot. Packed under reduced pressure.
At present, there are vacuum packaging, aluminum foil packaging, glassware, plastic and composite packaging in plastic bags. Packaging materials can be selected according to the type of item. Since the fruit is a fresh food, it is still breathing, and high oxygen deficiency can cause physiological diseases.
Therefore, the fruit category uses less vacuum packaging.
Vacuum-packed cooked foods are casual foods, such as sauce ducks and chicken feet. What kind of food is used for sterilization? The traditional method is to use high temperature sterilization to kill all the bacteria contained in the food,

but it will affect the taste and quality; use water bath sterilization, internal and external sterilization is not uniform; UV sterilization can only remove bacteria on the surface of food, it is difficult to play a bactericidal effect. Vacuum-packed deli microwave sterilizers can solve these problems and have been put into operation in food customer companies.

Vacuum-packed deli Microwave Sterilizer is mainly used for sterilizing various vacuum-packed deli products, including meat products and halogen products.
Traditionally, cooked foods must be pre-preserved with preservatives and food additives such as nitrite and citric acid to ensure and extend the shelf life of cooked foods before vacuum packaging, but excessive food preservatives and food additives will The human body causes great harm, and the country has been cracking down on food safety issues. So, is there any other way to solve this problem better? Vacuum-packed cooked microwave sterilizer solves this problem.

Vacuum-packed cooked microwave sterilizer is a microwave-based product that penetrates the inside and outside of the product. It can quickly and effectively kill anaerobic bacteria, mold, E. coli, etc. in the cooked food. It is thoroughly and efficiently sterilized, improving food safety and natural. Extend the shelf life of cooked food.

Compared with the traditional high-temperature sterilization equipment, the vacuum-packed cooked microwave sterilization machine has low microwave sterilization temperature, thorough sterilization effect, high output and low cost, and can effectively maintain the flavor and taste of the product.
For example, the vacuum packaged cooked food must reach a high temperature of 120 degrees by high temperature sterilization, and the sterilization time is maintained for 15 to 20 minutes or more. The flavor and meat taste of the product after sterilization are changed.

The microwave sterilization temperature of cooked food only needs to reach 80-90 degrees, and the sterilization time can reach the effect of thorough sterilization in about 3~5 minutes. This is the characteristic of microwave sterilization, and it is also one of the reasons why many users choose microwave sterilization.