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Ms. Smith
The company considerate after-sales service ,And try their best to meet the requirement of customers. We will be a long-term cooperation.
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We trust the quality of your products. It always the best. Keep this going, and we will establish a long-term trade relationship with you.

Industrial Microwave Dry Thawing Sterilization Defrosting Equipment

Microwave Thawing: thawing frozen tuna ,frozen fishes,frozen aquatic products, frozen beef,frozen meat,frozen meat products,frozen seafood,frozen poultry,frozen egg products etc. make the materials achieve the subsequent processing optimum temperature and the best structure state in a few minutes.
Microwave sterilization: Fast heating in many fields, cold chain cassette fast food,ready to eat meal,rice meal,snack etc,low temperature sterilization can keep original nutrition,taste and extended storage time.
Microwave Defrosting: microwave frequency of 915 MHZ microwave generator, meat from 18 degrees below 0℃ to thaw to 5 degrees , depending on the individual size only 5 to 20 minutes,its penetration is much better than the 2450 MHZ microwave source, 20 kw monophyletic, equipment can do 20 kw to 200 kw, To be used in the thaw materialrocessing again, after thawing temperature kept at -5 °C~ 1 °C or so, thaw in 400-3500 kg/h.

1. Chemical substances, pills or pills, such as water pills, water honey pills, honey pills, concentrated pills and Tibetan pills. Various teas, herbs, roots, flowers, green leaves, etc.
3. All kinds of dried meat, such as beef, pork, lamb, whale, shark, camel, horse, chicken, duck, fish and so on.
4. Powder is suitable for various materials such as spices, pigments, industrial abrasives, fertilizers, and other food additives.
5. Agricultural products such as dates, walnuts, cantaloupe, figs, dragon fruit, peaches, cherries, nuts, grains, peanuts, etc.
6.snack food, seeds, grains, peanuts, potato chips, shrimp strips, rice noodles, frozen foods, etc.
1.The Microwave equipment use advanced production technology,adopt Panasonic magnetron,long life,best effect.
2.Adopt 304# stainless steel,compact structure,no energy dissipation,save energy.
3.Tunnel type design,cover small area,fast drying and sterilizing,continuous production;
4.Defrosting simultaneously,one equipment has many usages;
5.Low working temperature,keep the products fresh.
Main Production Equipments:

Tunnel Microwave Frozen Food Imported Beef And Mutton Thawing Machine , Continuous Tunnel Type Food Thawing Machine 25 - 200KW Power , Shrimp / Meat Thawing Machine , Microwave Thawing Machine Silver Gray Appearance , Automic Conveyor Belt Microwave Curing and Baking Equipment Of Peanut tea , 915Hz 60KW Microwave Food Thawing Machine Adjustable Transmisison Speed, Microwave , Chemical Material Industrial Microwave Drying Machine Low Temperature Sterilization , Stainless Steel Microwave Flower Tea Dryer Equipment

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